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Privacy Policy

Bernhard and Company UK Ltd welcomes your interest in our company and our products. We take the protection of your personal data extremely seriously, safeguarding this information is of vital importance to us. When processing personal data acquired during visits to our websites, we comply with the UK data protection regulations.

Bernhard and Companies web applications may contain links to the websites of other providers to whom this data protection declaration does not apply. Bernhard and Company accepts no responsibility for the content of external Internet sites which can be accessed via any of our web sites or applications.

Collection and processing of personal data

When you visit our websites we automatically record the name of your Internet Service Provider, the website from which you are visiting us, the websites you access during your visit and the date and duration of your visit. Additional personal data is only stored if it is provided voluntarily by you, for example in the context of a registration process, a survey or an enquiry.

The following legal notices govern access to and use of our website. Please read carefully the terms and conditions set out below, as use of this site constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions in their valid form.

The following legal notices govern access to and use of our website. Please read carefully the terms and conditions set out below, as use of this site constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions in their valid form.

Use of Website / Disclaimer

The content of these web pages is for information purposes only and does not constitute a formal offer of products or services. More detailed information can be obtained by contacting Bernhard and Company Ltd directly. Information found on this website about product and services is there to guide and inform only, and does not impact or override existing contractual agreements you may have with Bernhard and Company Ltd.

Bernhard and Company Ltd does not accept any liability or claims for compensation resulting from accessing or using its website, whatever the legal basis. This includes any computer virus or spam allegations.

Personal Data Storage and Privacy

1. Log file

Recorded data includes date and time of visit, number of pages visited, bounce rates and the name of the internet service operator used to access the pages. This data will be used to help analyse the effectiveness of the website and seek ways of improving the service on offer.

In the event of unauthorised access, or attempts hereto, we temporarily store the IP addresses of the host systems. The stored IP addresses will only be used to identify the source of this unauthorized access and to ensure our web services remain secure and operational.

Bernhard and Company Ltd will only store personal data of website users if they have given prior consent. For contact forms where address and phone numbers may be entered or CVs uploaded, permission will be requested before the data is saved. This data will only be used for the purpose it was intended, i.e. to make formal contact with Bernhard and Company Ltd, and will not be shared with third party organizations, either for independent or non-independent use, in accordance with the relevant data protection regulations.

On request you have a legal right to view all your personal data we have stored on the system. This service is provided free of charge. To access this data please email info@bernhard.co.uk. You are entitled to correct, delete and update data as required.

Please note if you are requested to input your data into the contact forms, although stored securely on our servers, the form may be transmitted in an unsecured format via the internet and as such could be accessed and manipulated by third parties during this process.

2. Cookies

When you visit the website information may be cached on your computer in the form of cookies. Cookies are intended to optimise website navigation. You can choose not to cache pages by choosing not to accept cookies in your browser settings. This may however impact other functions not related to the Bernhard and Company Ltd pages.

3. External Links to other Websites

Links provided in these pages to external or third party websites are intended purely as useful information for you. Bernhard and Company Ltd does not accept responsibility for the content of those third party/external websites, nor can Bernhard and Company Ltd be held responsible for ensuring such sites comply with the data protection legislation. Always read the site policy of such websites before entering data.

4. Trademarks and Copyrights

Trademarks and copyrights on these web pages are the sole property of Bernhard and Company Ltd. Unauthorised use of these trademarks and copyrights is forbidden by law. All material contained on these pages such as text, images, music, graphics and animations, are subject to Bernhard and Company Ltd copyright and intellectual property rights. Unauthorised use or distribution of this material is prohibited by law. To obtain permission please contact info@bernhard.co.uk

5. Your mobile device

Photo and Camera Services

Our APP is designed to help you produce healthy turf. To better support you with this, we give you the option to use certain features on your mobile phone, such as uploading images and photos directly from your camera or photo gallery. You can choose not to allow access to these services, doing so will not impact on the operational ability of the TurfToolkit App. If you grant us access, this does not mean you are granting us unlimited access to your camera roll. Before we access these features on your mobile device, we will always ask for your permission. If you provide such permission, we will collect only the information for the specific purposes explained at the time we ask for your permission.

As stated, the use of the camera function is optional, and purely there to help you build your own personal turf health log. We will not share any of this data with third party organisations, we will always ask permission before accessing your photos or camera and we will never scan or import your photo library or camera roll. If you give us permission to access photos or your camera, we will only use the specific images that you choose to upload into the TurfToolkit App.


You can also create locations using the TurfToolkit App. We will not gather or use the specific location of your mobile device (by using, for example, GPS or Bluetooth) without first getting your explicit permission. And if you choose to share location information but later change your mind, you will always have the ability to stop sharing.